Trump wants to remove 'rocket man'

Trump wants to remove 'rocket man'

World September 24, 2017 18:12

pyongyang - The world can warn what it wants, but now there's no more strain on Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un when it's threatening each other. The question is who first loses his head.

Both heads of state take everything out of the closet to provoke their enemy as much as possible. The North Korean dictator has always been very adept at it, and knows that Trump is not Barack Obama, who had mastered the art of self-control like no other, even when Kim called him a 'dirty monkey'.

The Republican is rather a hotheart, an impulsive leader who, with his actions, regularly sows desperation with his own employees because they realize how desperately the consequences can be. If Trump immediately acts as the first military, he will be especially responsible for the dramatic consequences.

That fire fires up Kim. Yesterday, KRT was on state channel to see how tens of thousands of inhabitants of the country participated in an anti-American procession on the Kim Il Sungplein in Pyongyang.

Also, the state television of East Asian country showed a fictional movie in which an American ship was destroyed by a North Korean rocket.

Precisely those missiles, together with nuclear development, form the main source of escalation. Pyongyang says it is possible to be able to confirm atomic heads on the projectiles and threaten to shoot the US. Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho claimed this weekend, in turn, the American president from his tent by saying that Washington could expect a preventive attack.

'It is inevitable that North Korean missiles will be shot on America,' Ri said at a United Nations meeting shortly after American bombers and fighter planes had been shredded closer to the east coast of his country than before. To add to it: 'It's an illusion to think we bind. Not for a centimeter. '

Trump shortly announced, through his usual Twitter tirade, that he wanted to push the despoot of his throne. 'If the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the' Little Rocketman 'originate, he will not stay much longer!'

For example, Kim has what he wants: direct contact- how badly- with the world's leading leader of world-class America. Even though Trump is likely to do everything possible to remove the petty thiriger, now the biggest enemy of the United States, from the world stage as soon as possible.

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