Trump wants to launch quick plan against hacking

Trump wants to launch quick plan against hacking

World January 6, 2017 21:15

washington - Donald Trump on Friday had a 'constructive' meeting with representatives of the US intelligence and security services. Afterwards said the president-elect that he had 'huge respect has for their work.' He promised immediately to form a team after his inauguration on January 20 that has come up with a plan within three months in order to effectively combat cyber attacks and prevent future.

'While Russia, China, other countries, groups and people from outside remain constantly try to break into the computer infrastructure of our public institutions, companies and organizations, including the National Committee of the Democrats, that is absolutely not influenced the outcome of our elections. It is also a fact that has not been tampered with the voting machines, 'Trump said in a brief statement. 'We must fight aggressively and put an end to these cyber attacks. '

This Trump seems somewhat return to previous statements. He has long maintained that it was all nonsense to hackers in Russia's service over the Internet and the leaks have emails tried to vote in the US The successor Barack Obama was briefed Friday by the bosses include FBI and CIA, who have accused the Russians of hacking to direct presidential election in the US. Moscow denies these allegations.

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