Trump wants to immediately expand illegals

Trump wants to immediately expand illegals

World November 13, 2016 16:39

- Donald Trump wants once he is president took office, undocumented immigrants off the land. It is about two to three million people, he said Sunday in an interview with the CBS program 60 Minutes.

'What we will do, the people who are criminals or a criminal, gang members and drug dealers, deport or placing under lock and key. They go out. They are here illegally, 'the upcoming Republican president. Tackling illegal immigration was one of the focal points of his campaign.

Once the borders are secure, the immigration authorities to go to work immediately to determine what happens to the existing immigrants should be done without papers in the United States. But all that is very important, must first secure US borders, says Trump.

When asked whether he actually let erect a wall on the border with Mexico, a spearhead of his election campaign, Trump replied yes. Mexico has announced that it will not help pay for the construction of a wall. Trump does not matter.

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