Trump twittered image cited CNN journalist

Trump twittered image cited CNN journalist

World August 15, 2017 14:30

washington - US President Donald Trump has again released the tongues on Twitter. The Donald is under fire this time because of an image he was engaging in the world to see how a CNN journalist is hit by a train. The picture came from an extremist activist.

The president removed his tweet a little later, but could not prevent thousands of people from seeing his message. 'This is disgusting. No wonder there is so much hate in America, 'twitters someone. Another: 'That Trump twitters this image just three days after Charlottesville is incredible. '

In the United States three days ago a woman was killed by a young man with nazysmaths. Trump typed that attack on Monday as 'racist.' 'America should respond to such hatred with love, show strength and come together again,' said Trump.

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