Trump throws kitchen rolls to Puerto Rico

Trump throws kitchen rolls to Puerto Rico

World October 10, 2017 20:28

san juan - US President Donald Trump has helped the inhabitants of Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, in their own way. Trump visited an emergency shelter and handed out kitchen rolls to the deceased. He did that in a typical American manner, like a professional basketball player.

Trump also involved the distribution of food, water and other resources to cope with the crisis. 'I feel a lot of love in this space,' said Trump during the divorce. 'Fantastic people. 'The hurricane passed two weeks ago, but the demand for aid is still high.

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Maria directed huge devastations on Puerto Rico last month. Many islanders complain that the repair work is slow. For example, a large part of the island is without electricity. Also, many residents have trouble getting fuel for their vehicles or generators.

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Trump noted during his visit that the number of fatal casualties was relatively low. 'Sixteen lives are a lot,' stressed Trump. 'But if you compare that to the thousands of people who have gone through other hurricanes, that's not fair enough. ''

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