Trump: the conciliator

Trump: the conciliator

World November 9, 2016 09:12

amsterdam - An almost subdued Donald Trump, with something on what tearfully seemed, gave a conciliatory speech in which he promised to be a president of all Americans.

There was no sign of more attacks on his defeated adversary Hillary Clinton. Trump, which was just before a call from Clinton congratulated him, it no longer had 'crooked Hillary' that had to be locked up. In contrast, he showered her with compliments. Trump thought the country Clinton had to be grateful for her enormous contribution to the US

The emphasis on his speech, part of which was read from a teleprompter and was partly improvised, was emphatic on creating unity. For every American, of every race. That's almost a tradition for any president, but almost no one expected such a strong message.

Trump claimed he had not pursued a campaign, but he is leading a movement. A movement for change that now does not end, but goes to work. ' For four years or even eight years. '

He promised again to be a champion of the 'forgotten Americans and millions of job creation to honor its promise' America Great '.

Trump reiterated that what concerns him 'America First' occurs, but other countries have themselves to worry about. ' We are looking for partners, not adversaries, 'said Trump.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

The speech offers hope to all those who have always thought that Trump will turn around after the election like a leaf on the tree and will abandon its confrontational tone. That was already expected after he had won the Republican nomination. But Trump guessed rightly well that he had to give a moment full throttle. He was thus rewarded with a resounding victory and may temporarily do whatever he wants because the Senate and House of Representatives sit in the pocket of the billionaire.

That is similar to the first period of Obama. The big question is how the similarly inexperienced Trump will handle that power. Obama must fear that his legacy will degrade rapidly. The world must hope that the modest Trump wins the bully and that he is the right of people to gather knows it. In that case, he may be a second Reagan, who also raised serious doubts on his appointment, but invariably by the Americans is named as the most popular ex-president.

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