Trump takes on climate '

Trump takes on climate '

World November 22, 2016 19:09

- Donald Trump seems to change his tone on climate change. In an interview with The New York Times said the elected president of the United States that he thinks that there will be 'some connection' between global warming and the behavior of humanity. Earlier, Trump had yet know that he thinks global warming by human activity is a 'hoax' (fiction). 'Sometimes it gets a little warmer, sometimes cooler. The weather, we call it, 'said the Republican.

Regarding existing climate agreements allowed Trump to know that everything is still possible. According to the NY Times about Trump would have 'an open mind'. During the election campaign team Trump spoke strong language about the agreements. As Trump would like within a year after taking office under the climate agreement in Paris.

Trump had initially canceled an interview with the newspaper, but later he turned to. So it was nevertheless an interview with the liberal newspaper.

Earlier in the day, let Trump know that- contrary to the sounds during the campaign- no prosecution is Hillary Clinton.

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