Trump surprised with silence in debate

Trump surprised with silence in debate

World October 29, 2015 12:45

denver - A unique image in the third great debate of the Republican candidates for the US presidency : Donald Trump held 28 consecutive minutes of his mouth. The ten participants, nine men and one woman, were not only attacked each other Wednesday night before the cameras of CNBC. They were occasionally very united in their criticism of the media.

This criticism even went out to the questioners in the studio. Republicans called the questions under more hostile and inaccurate. Chairman Reince Pribus of Republicans Tibetan Party bite the questioners after that, " they were ashamed of the approach of the debate ". Trump found that TV makers of politics profited with annoying and ridiculous questions.

Candidate Jeb Bush faced the toughest language during the live broadcast. He actually fought for his political life because he plunges in the polls. He chose Marco Rubio, senator for Florida as a target of criticism in order to elevate themselves. Bush said that Rubio himself showed far too little in the Senate. " please just resign and let someone else do the work ", sounded rehearsed. Rubio refuted immediately : " Someone has convinced you to attack me, does that benefit. That is not the case. "

Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Trump have in the polls the best credentials to gain the Republican candidacy. However, both were struggling with the critical questions about their " vague economic plans ". Also perhaps the most sensitive issue in each debate- the level of taxation- again caused uproar. After some sharp questions turned to the candidates themselves together against the questioners and accused of having their prejudices.

Trump's plan to build a wall on the border with Mexico and return eleven million illegal immigrants, by a journalist described as a measure of a " ". comic book campaign The candidate remained calm and replied : " which is not a nice note ".

Observers judged afterwards that the debate had made ​​it clear that far from being the person responsible for the candidate of the Republicans will be.

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