Trump stays with admission

Trump stays with admission

World January 30, 2017 05:48

washington - After a day of protests, President Donald Trump Sunday decree to ban travelers from seven countries defended. In a statement on Facebook, he writes that his policy is similar to that of President Obama in 2011, when he stopped visas for refugees from Iraq for six months.

' The seven countries in question were previously identified by the Obama administration as a source of terrorism. To make clear once again, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media falsely reports '' says Trump. ' This is not about religion but about terrorism and how we keep our country safe. ''

' I live tremendously along with the people who are involved in this terrible humanitarian crisis in Syria. My first priority will always be to serve our country and protect, but as president I will always find ways to help all those who suffer, '' the president stressed.

Trump reiterated his promise that the US provided to all countries visa again if there was introduced a new security ninety days. Reince Priebus, the chief of staff of the White House said Sunday that the restrictions do not apply to citizens from those countries with a residence permit, a green card.

Priebus refuted reports that the enforcement of the decree was chaotic. According to the chief of staff of the 325. 000 passengers held only 109 people. ' Most of them have since been freed. ''

In cities like New York, Washington and Atlanta found Sunday again demonstrations against the decree. It was also demonstrated at the White House.

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