Trump says to fulfill election promises

Trump says to fulfill election promises

World November 22, 2016 06:15

- The upcoming US presidential Donald Trump has his program for the first hundred days of his term in a video message was revealed. Many of the promises he made during the election campaign, return it. So he plans to make steps TPP the United States on his first day as president, FTA twelve countries around the Pacific Ocean.

Trade agreements and their impact on ordinary Americans were an important theme during the elections. Many voters the trade agreements blamed the loss of jobs or the shrinkage of the industry in the US According to Trump is 'the contract a potential disaster for the country. '

The president-elect says his honderddagen plan is very simple: 'America first' Whether it's steel production, construction of cars or care, Trump wants that everything is done by Americans, some jobs and prosperity for the American workers must result.

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