Trump: Russia must hacking mailbox Clinton

Trump: Russia must hacking mailbox Clinton

World July 28, 2016 06:12

- Donald Trump has 'email scandal again seized within the Democratic Party to get out hard for Hillary Clinton. So Trump called Wednesday (US time) to Russia then the email account of Clinton but to hack and throw all her e-mails on the street. Democrats are furious and feel that the Republican presidential candidate has gone too far.

Trump was referring to the Wikileaks website last week 20 000 e-mails from the Democratic National Committee published, which were captured by hackers. This showed that the Democratic party leadership Clinton tried to favor in the primaries at the expense of her challenger Bernie Sanders. Some pointed accusingly at Russia.

Trump linked the hacking to an earlier scandal. Clinton used her own e-mail server even in the time of her ministry. According to the billionaire former minister of Foreign Affairs should now only completely honest.
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