Trump regrets 'offensive' comments

Trump regrets 'offensive' comments

World August 19, 2016 07:18

charlotte - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has regretted comments,, which he may have hurt people. ' The property magnate acknowledged Thursday (local time) in the city of Charlotte (North Carolina) sometimes say the wrong things.

,, Sometimes, in the heat of the debate, and when you talk about all kinds of issues, you can not choose the right words or do you say something wrong, '' Trump held a group of listeners.,, That's what I did and I'm sorry. Especially if it has hurt people as possible. ''

Trump made the comments during his first speech since he this week significant changes carried through in the top of his campaign. The genuflection is striking, because the Republican known for his outspoken style. He offered apologies rarely in the past, even after criticism from his own party.
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was not impressed with the apology.,, Donald Trump has literally begun his campaign by offending people, 'she sneered in response.

According to the campaign of Clinton, the apology worthless unless Trump explains of what,, offensive, harassing and divisive comments '' He just regrets.,, And he would have to completely change his tone, '' they said in a statement.

That appears to be the real estate magnate not intend to. Trump took Thursday off to Clinton, which he labeled as a liar again.,, I am sometimes too honest, but Clinton is my exact opposite. She never tells the truth. ''

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