Trump promises Syria 'safe zones'

Trump promises Syria 'safe zones'

World December 17, 2016 06:09

washington - The government of Donald Trump will be called 'safe zones' to establish in Syria to be to protect citizens of the country who are victims of the civil war. That said, the future president of the United States Friday. According to the current President Barack Obama is something hard to get done.

Trump and Obama spoke independently on the situation in Syria after Friday the evacuation of civilians from Aleppo seemed to have stalled. ' We will try to restore the situation there and people there to help, '' says Republican Trump at a meeting with supporters in Florida. ' We are going to create safe zones and the Gulf States will pay for it. ''

Earlier, President Obama had said to reporters that the idea requires continuous effort, since the areas to be protected by ground forces. It is unlikely that Syrian President Assad and his allies Russia and Iran agree with that.

The next month afzwaaiende president said he hoped that Syria and Russia show sensitive to international pressure and with Turkey to work together to provide safe passage to the remaining civilians in Aleppo.

Obama further acknowledged that he ' can not claim that we have been successful in Syria. ' With that realization, he goes to bed every night, he said during his last regular press conference as President of the United States.

Despite the lack of results he still believes his attitude towards the Syrian civil war, giving support to the moderate opposition ' '' was correct.

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