Trump pays CNN commentator

Trump pays CNN commentator

World September 21, 2016 15:57

- The former campaign manager of Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski, is still paid by the Trump camp, although he now as a political commentator for CNN works. That reports The Washington Post Wednesday. Mediaite news reports citing sources at CNN that Lewandowski was suspended.

The controversial Lewandowski was replaced earlier this year. In June he joined CNN. It was already known that he was a severance pocketed Trumps campaign, something that is emphasized every action Lewandowski on CNN. But Lewandowski's company Green Monster Consulting received again in July and August 20. 000 dollars ' strategic advice '.

Lewandowski's appointment was controversial at CNN. According to sources, many journalists were outraged, partly because Lewandowski would still be in contact with the Trump camp.

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