Trump notaire sexist '

Trump notaire sexist '

World October 3, 2016 16:12

amsterdam - Employees and former participants of the American show The Apprentice, have opened a book about Donald Trump, which was long the face eleven years of the program. Trump would have emerged in the workplace as a veritable sexist, reports Associated Press who interviewed cast and crew members.

Trump would have asked according to a former employee to participants of the show wear shorter dresses with plunging necklines. He would have commented on the attractive backside of a camera woman. Moreover, he mentioned a candidate a tiger in bed. He asked (sometimes married) participants to assess other participants on their appearance. 'You'd go to bed with her anyway? I do, 'said Trump.

Over twenty interviewees describe Trump's behavior towards women as 'inappropriate.' The cast and crew members say they have participated in the interviews because trumps sexism has become part of the campaign for the US presidency.

The spokesman for the Republican presidential dismisses the allegations as nonsense. 'The allegations are baseless. '

The Apprentice is an American reality series and was broadcast on Dutch television under the title trumps heir. The series is called 'The Ultimate Job '. In the show ginbg Trump looking for a person that would lead to one of his companies. The winner received an annual salary of 250 000 dollars.

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