Trump: Millions voted illegally

Trump: Millions voted illegally

World November 28, 2016 08:00

- Donald Trump says he has received the most votes on November 8 in the US presidential election, ' when the millions of people who have voted illegally deducting the count. '

He also suggested Sunday in a series of Twitter messages that ' serious voter fraud '' took place in the Democratic states of California, New Hampshire and Virginia, but the media reports about it. Both allegations the future president provided no proof.

The tweets responded Trump on the recount of votes in Wisconsin, which he called ' ridiculous ''. The recount was requested by Jill Stein, the candidate of the Green Party. The camp of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton blindly followed, though it does not expect the recount results in a different outcome.

Clinton in the election received more than two million votes more than Trump. The US president is not elected directly but by an electoral college in which the states receive votes allocated on the basis of their population. In most states, the candidate who received the most votes, assigned all the electoral votes of that state. In the electoral college Trump got 306 electoral votes behind him, Clinton 232.

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