Trump makes Navarro head councilor

Trump makes Navarro head councilor

World December 21, 2016 22:24

washington - The US President-Elect Donald Trump, the economist Peter Navarro presented Wednesday as head of the National Trade Council (NTC). That's in the White House a new organization that the industry should go onwards and to create jobs for the infrastructure and defense.

The Trump transition team said in a statement that this appointment is a testament to 'the determination to restore the great American productivity. '

Navarro (67), which is highly critical of the Washington Post with regard to China, was one of Trump's advisers during his election campaign. He will work closely with, among others, the new Minister of Trade, Wilbur Ross.

The new government also enlisted the support of another billionaire Carl Icahn. The 80-year-old business tycoon has been appointed special advisor on regulatory matters. It's an unpaid job, it will not hurt him. Although he performed this year anything in his power, but it is still estimated at 15 billion fat.

Icahn is going according to the Wall Street Journal an important role in the selection of the new chairman of the SEC, the commission that oversees the US stock exchanges such as the AFM in the Netherlands.

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