Trump is bad on with Arabs

Trump is bad on with Arabs

World November 9, 2016 11:33

- Donald Trump inherited a huge mess in the Middle East, where his predecessor eight years more or less looked the cat out of the tree. The inexperienced real estate magnate must quickly get to the sensitivities and subtleties of the explosive region below the knee to prevent further escalation of the situation.

Main challenge is the war in Syria, the greatest humanitarian tragedy in the 21st century with half a million deaths and millions of refugees to neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan destabilize. Trump does not intend to take a stand against the main instigators, the Syrian regime and Russia, which he- alone- praises for their fight against Islamic State. Which Trump priority.

Obama has used the attacks on IS-strongholds in Syria and Iraq, but it is up to the new president to finish the job. That can not just bombing, but also the breeding ground will the sectarian tensions, which IS argues, should be eliminated.

Trump is very unpopular among the Arab population, which is furious about his plans for most Muslims to deny access to the United States. The Republican has to beaten around him a lot during his campaign. Now will show whether he will suit the action to the word.

So he called for the confiscation of Iraqi oil to pay for the US military campaign there. The nuclear deal with Iran- 'one of the worst in history'- he wants to dismantle. He also had no good words for US defense officials, which he called a 'bunch of losers because they had the element of surprise removed with the announcement of the attack on Mosul.

Although Trump initially claimed to be neutral in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, he is a supporter of the Jewish state. Like previous presidential candidates he wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. A controversial promise, according to daughter Ivankna- ten years ago converted to Judaism- which he called '100 percent' certain to be executed.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

With Egyptian President al-Sisi, a strong man who takes on Islamic terrorism and increasingly moves toward Russia, Trump will probably find good. Importantly, again increasing unrest in that country through an economic crisis. The Saudis, with whom relations are quite subsided, he sees mainly profiteers. As a prince Trump reminded subtly earlier this year that he is with the purchase of his yacht and a hotel in the past had helped him partially off the debt.

The leaders in the Middle East appreciate a strong man, but can be difficult to deal with an elephant in a china shop. It is up to Trump to a group of good foreign consultants to gather around him, who has experience in the mores of the Middle East. America as the world's superpower, the only one who can bring the region into calmer waters, but the man must be bold in the White House and no oil going to the fire.

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