Trump insecure factor at NATO summit

Trump insecure factor at NATO summit

World May 25, 2017 06:03

brussels - The NATO meeting Thursday was prepared to the point. There is only one uncertain factor, namely the main guest itself. President Trump takes care of top tension in Brussels.

In what state of affairs does Trump come to NATO? In addition to NATO boss Stoltenberg he meets the leaders of 28 other countries because the leader of almost-member Montenegro is also allowed to join.

Two monuments are revealed and King Filip officially handles the keys of the new headquarters. The government leaders, including Turkish President Erdogan and also the new French President Macron, have dinner in the new building.

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Trump will be viewed by most with argusogen. He is controversial because of his (alleged) connections with Russia and, in any case, he does not know how well it is with the unpredictable Republican who drives a lot of his instincts.

First of all, money is being spoken. Trump demands that all NATO partners, as agreed, spend 2 percent of their economic wealth on defense. In five countries, nobody gets that. So there is homework to do.

Secondly, the Americans want the allies to do more to fight terrorism. NATO now has a very modest role in Iraq and Syria and is officially not a member of the anti-IS coalition. Trump wants NATO to form part of the coalition that knows more than sixty participants, including all NATO allies.

Germany and France in front of this are hesitant. The Netherlands takes a middle position and does not stand as much as long as NATO participation does not become automation.

Ultimately, the defense of its own territory is still the core task of NATO and with threats on the eastern border (Russia) and on the southern border with the troubled Middle East, there are challenges enough.

Trump seems convinced of the importance of NATO, which, according to him, is no longer 'out of date' as he claimed earlier. A visit from Stoltenberg to the White House made the worst cold out of the air. Later the president even admitted in an interview that he just did not know so well what NATO did when he was still a presidential candidate.

Nevertheless, they are not completely restored to NATO at a good end. Does Trump really commit himself and without mits and mares today? In order not to bother the president, every leader speaks up to four minutes so that Trump's attention team does not slow down. The American should not be pushed unnecessarily on the closet.

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