Trump hopes that North Korea will seriously realize

Trump hopes that North Korea will seriously realize

World August 11, 2017 22:15

bedminster - Donald Trump hopes that North Korea has made the impression of the nature of its message and its scope profound. The US president warned Pyongyang for the consequences of a military action against the United States or their allies.

'I hope they fully understand the severity of what I have said. And what I've said, I mean, 'said Trump at his golf complex in New Jersey against reporters. 'It's not that hard to snap those words. '

He repeated on his vacation in Bedminster that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is regretting, for example, an attack on American bases on the island of Guam. 'He will repel that and soon too. 'Trump did not want to say again if there are diplomatic contacts with Pyongyang at the moment.

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