Trump has 270 electoral votes with ease

Trump has 270 electoral votes with ease

World December 19, 2016 22:39

new york - Nothing seems Donald Trump to stand in the way to be inaugurated in Washington on January 20. Democrats seized the final straw and wanted their Republican rival in the drive wheels when yesterday the 538 electors in the Electoral College came together. But failed. Trump made it easily within the required 270 electoral votes.

The New York Post headlined yesterday on the front page D-Day with a large photo of Trump it. But it was not really exciting. Republican electors were not susceptible to the entreaties of Hillary Clinton supporters to Trump and let their party fall and thus a so-called faithless elector to go in the book. Before it clearly states all came together was that Trump had within the required majority of 270.

Texas was already known Republican Christopher Suprun did not vote for the businessman. But he got when the results last night also walked, no known effect. A few Democrats Clinton have proved unfaithful. In protest against her campaign she voted for someone else.

In some capitals of the American states where the electors met, had gathered Angry Clinton supporters. They are still acid by the loss and angry at the electoral system. Clinton took nearly 3 million more votes than Trump, but in the system of electors still no president.

The Texan Austin protesters gathered at the doors of the Texas State Capitol. People had signs with them showing include 'Vote jet.

A group of Democratic electors the CIA had requested a briefing on possible Russian interference in the elections to the Electoral College had cast votes. They hoped that this Republican electors to smite the doubt. But the CIA did not respond to the call.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Also some American celebrities, led by actor Martin Sheen still get elected president starred in television series The West Wing, Hillary Clinton tried to broadcast a number of commercials in which an appeal was made to the electors.

Trump finds this outrageous attempts. He pointed out on Twitter that his supporters would would behave after a loss, the criticism would be ruthless.

The Clinton camp now seems nothing more than to sit on to accept the results. In New York State, Bill Clinton came as elector to vote for his wife. He was previously a local newspaper reported due to the fault of the loss of his wife to the Russian hacks and FBI Director Comey who announced just before the elections new research into the private server of Clinton. This irritation Trump supporters who argue that the Clintons still do not seem to learn from the mistakes they made during the campaign.

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