Trump encourages book sales Atwood

Trump encourages book sales Atwood

World February 11, 2017 13:48

havana - The election of Donald Trump to the 45th US president has also stimulated sales of Margaret Atwood. But that's a mixed blessing, she said, as guest of honor at the International Book Fair of Havana. The most famous Canadian writer (77) finds it highly disturbing that her novel The Handmaid's Tale '(The Story of the maid), which outlines dire picture of the future, is back on the bestseller lists.

The 1985 book is about a theocratic dictatorship in the United States, where women are forced to bear children for the ruling elite. 'When it appeared it was considered very farfetched. But when I wrote it, I was convinced that I was not just invented something that's never something was done by people, 'said Atwood.

She had at that time inspired by thorough examination of the Puritan 'New England in the seventeenth century. 'You see them again bubbling up something,' she asked, referring to include the abortion policy advocated by the government Trump.

George Orwell's '1984', written in 1949, is again in the spotlight, as well as 'The Plot Against America' ​​by Philip Roth in 2004.

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