Trump denies Republican leader Senate

Trump denies Republican leader Senate

World August 10, 2017 19:45

washington - US President Donald Trump has taken over to the Republican group president in the Senate. The president confused Mitch McConnell in a series of tweets to dismantle the care law of former President Barack Obama.

McConnell seems to have woken the president's wrath by saying in a speech that Trump cares about 'excessive expectations' about how fast his fellow members in Congress can get business together. The group chairman pointed out that Trump is a newcomer in politics and still does not understand that decision making can take long.

Trump responded annoyed by that statement. 'McConnell said I have excessive expectations, but I do not think so,' he tweeted. The president pointed out that he has been saying for years that the Republicans want to replace 'Obamacare' with another system, but have not been successful yet. He instructed McConnell in a later tweet to 'get started'.

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