Trump could deduct million loss 18 years'

Trump could deduct million loss 18 years'

World October 2, 2016 06:09

- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has long paid little income tax possible eighteen. The newspaper The New York Times claims that according to Trump's tax return from 1995. In it, the businessman has declared that he has a loss of 916 million dollars had suffered through bad financial deals early 90s.

The newspaper has tax experts turned so explain the rules that Trump the loss of 916 million dollars could deduct the following eighteen years on his tax return. Although Trump returns are not known in the following years, had to pay the businessman according to the experts therefore annually about $ 50 million in income taxes.

Trump will not comment on the allegations themselves of the newspaper. In a statement, let his campaign know that the Times the tax documents obtained illegally and that the newspaper acts as an extension of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump refused, unlike other presidential candidates now and in the past, to make known his declaration on the grounds that he is under investigation by the tax authorities. 'Mr. Trump is a very experienced businessman who first has a responsibility to his company, his family and his employees not to pay more tax than is legally necessary', he says in the statement. It is emphasized that he paid millions to other types of taxes. 'Mr. Trump knows the tax rules better than anyone who has ever been presidential candidate and he is the only one who knows how to improve those rules. '

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