Trump can overshadow one moment everything

Trump can overshadow one moment everything

World September 22, 2016 07:06

- With less than seven weeks to go until the presidential election watch many voters in the United States forward to the first live TV debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Debate Expert Lars Duursma think Clinton Monday will have the upper hand, but Trump with a single comment anything can overshadow.

Duursma is the founder and director of Debatrix and coaches include politicians from debating art. According to him, anyone can learn it. But it's true that you can compare an election with the Champions League. Anyone can learn to play football, but not everyone can play in the Champions League. You have to show the best of yourself at that moment.

Clinton is Duursma's eyes substantively stronger than Trump, but that does not always make the difference. The best preparation for her I think to look back debates in 2000 between Bush and Gore. Gore was substantively better, but you could hear him sigh constant. Bush came more visible. Which was eventually deemed the winner.

The biggest misconception among many of the politicians who trains Duursma is that they focus too much on their opponent. They are not concerned with their own story 90 percent of the time. Duursma think Trump Clinton and discussion leader is often ignored and will apply directly to the population, and that Clinton would be well advised to do so. If Trump dedicated to the people and not Clinton, Trump I think will win.

Jaap de Jong, rhetoric specialist and professor at the University of Leiden, expect a battle between a well-prepared substantive Clinton and improvising Trump. The challenge is for her to show herself as a sympathetic human being of flesh and blood money.

I wonder if Clinton seduced into yes-no shouting or she comes up with well-timed one-liners continues De Jong. He wants to expose her as an addict to power, dishonest politician. Trump she will try to make the mistakes, allowing voters to see him as a loose cannon. It is really exciting.

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