Trump apron decides hunting trophies

World November 18, 2017 06:42

washington - US President Donald Trump revises his earlier intention to allow the import of hunting trophies, such as hunter-killed elephants, into his country. Trump said he postpones that decision 'to view all the facts about this and then to make a well-considered decision.'

The president's earlier plan put a lot of bad blood at nature conservation organizations. But also within his own ranks the plan of the president came to him of heavy criticism.

The US news channel ABC reported earlier that the government Trump last month began licensing for importing killed lions from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Whether the reconsideration of Trump is only about elephants or about all animals is not known.

Trump's predecessor Barack Obama forbade the import of animals killed by pleasure hunting. Trumps son Donald jr. Is an avid pleasure hunter in Africa. On photographs he can be seen with trophies of killed elephants.

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