Trump apologize for saying 'they grab their crotch'

Trump apologize for saying 'they grab their crotch'

World October 8, 2016 05:54

- US presidential candidate Donald Trump has apologized after a video was leaked in which he discusses his aggressive garnish techniques. Trump revealed in the interview include how he unsuccessfully tried to get a married woman in bed.

The recordings, which are owned by the Washington Post, made while Trump was chatting in 2005 in a bus with a television presenter. Republican offered Friday in a statement apologizing to, but also stressed that Bill Clinton ' much worse things said to me on the golf course. '

Trump let out on women flat in the recorded conversation. ' I just kiss them. I do not agree. If you're a star, they let you do it, '' he boasts. ' You can do anything. Grab them in their crotch. You can do anything. ''

The unveiling is grist to the mill of Hillary Clinton. Democratic presidential candidate Donald Trump has long attacks on his alleged misogynistic statements. ' This is terrible. We can not allow this man becomes president, '' she responded Friday.

Trump also party members reacted indignantly. ' No woman should ever be described in this kind of wording, '' said Republican party chairman Reince Priebus.

Jeb Bush, who clashed frequently during the primaries with Trump, was not satisfied with the apology of his former rival. ' If the grandfather of two precious girls, I find that no excuse is sufficient after the disgusting remarks Trump, where women are humiliated, '' he wrote on Twitter.

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