Trump and Democrats are working on deal migration

Trump and Democrats are working on deal migration

World September 14, 2017 14:39

washington - Republican president Donald Trump and Democratic leaders in the American Congress have agreed to work together on legislation on migration and border security. Trump refused Thursday that there was already an agreement, but according to American media, it said that an agreement on a large group of illegal immigrants from the DACA program was close.

Trump said that there could be a breakthrough if it also provides for a sharp security and surveillance of the border. His highly controversial plan from the election time for a high wall along the border with Mexico will later be addressed. Democratic leaders stressed Thursday that new border surveillance technology, such as drones and other observation equipment, could also be considered.

Wednesday evening, Washington was suggested that they already agreed on a large group of young illegals who were not deployed on the initiative of his predecessor, Barack Obama. This group of about 800,000 people who came to the US as a child of illegal immigrants can stay through Obama's 2012 decision to save them for expulsion. This is called the 'Deferred Action for Child-Newcomers' (DACA). Trump wants to take off DACA and has asked Congress to arrange it within six months.

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