Trump and Clinton call each other intolerant

Trump and Clinton call each other intolerant

World August 25, 2016 17:36

- It is more and more intense in its fight for the votes of African-American voters. Republican Donald Trump called his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton Thursday intolerant and stated that she sees blacks only voting-cattle,, and not as people who deserve a better future. '

Clinton said in turn that Trump,, just making a hate movement commonplace. ' She mentioned as examples that Trump US citizenship of Barack Obama has been questioned, sought support among white supremacists, has promised a judge has attacked on his Mexican background and mass deportations.

Trump told his audience in Mississippi that Clinton,, do not care what it has done its policy with your communities. She has no regrets. ''
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For now Trump enjoys opinion polls virtually no support among black voters: up to 2 percent indicated that they would vote for the businessman from New York.

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