Trump abolished law for illegal children

Trump abolished law for illegal children

World September 5, 2017 16:51

washington - US President Trump has completed the so-called DACA program. The scheme was set under the previous President Obama in 2012 and aimed at protecting about 741,000 people who in the past entered the US when their parents illegally crossed the border, to protect themselves from expulsion.

The motivation of Minister Sessions of Justice for the president's decision sounded simple: we simply can not allow anyone who wants to, here. According to Obama's regime, the group of about 741,000 people could apply for a work permit and find Sessions that they could take jobs from those who actually have a right to work.

Incidentally, the group falling under the DACA program is relatively small. It is estimated that at least eleven million illegal immigrants are in the U.S.. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

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