Trump: 15,000 show season workers

Trump: 15,000 show season workers

World July 17, 2017 21:09

- The Trump government allows US companies to provide 15,000 visas for seasonal work.

That reported the White House Monday evening. Trump therefore reacts to the shortage that many companies currently have in lower education in hotels, restaurants and seasonal work.

In concrete terms, the H-2B visa, intended for seasonal work outside agriculture, was raised to 81,000, which had previously set US Congress at 66,000.

The government emphasizes that it is a temporary intervention to support companies. Companies must be able to demonstrate that they are incurring 'irreparable damage' if they can not hire these forces.

Major companies especially from Silicon Valley complain about the lack of good powers, now the US customs is very strict in allowing foreign workers. The US government claims that this action would like to guarantee the jobs of its own employees.

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