Trend: catching avocados in self-scan as 'roots'

Trend: catching avocados in self-scan as 'roots'

World May 26, 2018 18:42

london - Shoppers have found a new way to avoid the high price of avocados: they hit the roots of supermarkets with self-service options. Experts spoke about 'a new form of shoplifting'.

It first happened in Australia, but it has since blown to England, says Emmeline Taylor. She is assistant professor in Criminology at the University of London and helps supermarket chains in shoplifting.

'One company discovered that more roots were sold than there were in stock,' says Taylor. She started an investigation. What seems? Roots are massively struck. 'Someone turned out to have ordered 18 kilograms of carrots,' says Taylor.

Roots are cheap. That is why people click on the icon with this vegetable when paying independently, as is possible in the Netherlands, for example at Albert Heijn stores. Whether it also happens in the Netherlands is not clear. Many supermarkets charge avocados here by the way.

Criminologist Taylor calls it 'a new form of shoplifting'. 'This behavior can be seen as a scam. '

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