Transgender is in the family

World December 18, 2017 08:09

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The 41-year-old Daniel Harrot is now a transgender man but was once the mother of his two children. He is now engaged to transgender Shirley Austin (62) whom he met at an organization that helps parents support their transgender children.

Because the children of Daniel also think that they were given the wrong sex at birth. 'The whole family is in transition,' said Shirley Austin.

Harrot's son, 11-year-old Mason, came into the world as a girl but now goes through life as a transgender boy with his shaven boy's hairstyle.

His 13-year-old daughter Joshua saw the light of day as a boy, but now lives the life of a transgender girl. 'I was about six or seven years old when I found out that I was a transgender,' said Joshua to the American radio station KJZZ.

According to her father, Joshua does not have a stranger. Harrot thinks that transgenders have been part of their family for about 100 years. The sister of his grandmother was known as someone who liked to put on men's clothes.

Only when daughter Joshua wanted the Girls Scouts last year, the penny fell to him. 'When I looked up the word transgender, I realized: they are trans and I know it's true because it's me, all my life,' says Harrot.

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