Tourists do not step in plane because of earthquake

Tourists do not step in plane because of earthquake

World July 21, 2017 16:12

- More than twenty tourists who would fly to Kos this morning, the plane did not go in because of the earthquake. That confirms the travel agency Neckermann.

'I was a bit anxious,' acknowledges Bert Wentink who is leaving his holiday.. 'I'm not going to look up the problems. 'Erika Klein Kranenbarg, who also stayed in the Netherlands, doubted until the very last moment. 'We were very much on vacation. We wanted to, but at some point you say your mind: it's better not. You see the misery around you. That is not for me to go on holiday. You also do not know how to find the hotel. 'The decision was a huge dump, she says. 'We all cried at the gate. Now we are very tired. We are going to see if we can still have a holiday. Is not it today, tomorrow is tomorrow. '

The flight to Kos would leave at half past four but delayed four hours, so it was possible to check if the situation on the island was safe, says Hanita van der Meer from Neckermann Reizen. Eventually it is decided to leave. The vast majority of customers eventually caught the plane.

But Joshua Geurts does not trust it. 'I heard stories and this morning showed that it was seriously serious. Lots of aftershocks too. It is too risky. 'He therefore decided not to step in and hopes that his vacation may be reversed. Formally, they are not entitled to it, says Neckermann. But the travel agency is still trying to see what is possible from coulance. That will be a tricky job, warns Van der Meer. After all, it is high season.

TUI, Corendon and Sunweb are also flexible when people are afraid to fly to Kos or want to go home earlier. 'We try to manage our flights as well as possible, although there are few empty chairs. '

There is little going on in the Turkish Bodrum on the other side of Kos. There was a tsunami tonight without victims and little damage. Furthermore, everything goes on. Even in hotels outside Kos city, little seems to be happening. The biggest misery is in the old town, where there is a lot of debris and two deaths (in 'Barstreet') and more than a hundred wounded.

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