Tour on tv is for the elderly

Tour on tv is for the elderly

World July 11, 2017 16:00

hilversum - Watching the Tour de France is mostly a hobby of the elderly. People under the age of 50 have little interest, according to research into the look at the first week of the Tour.

Cycling enthusiasts can catch up on live shows (NPO), the Evening Stage (also on NPO) and the RTL Tour du Jour program. The media purchasing agency Magna reports on the figures of the viewing behavior (from SKO) that the Tour TV viewer is especially gray.

At the Evening Tape (by Dione de Graaff and Herman van der Zandt), there are no less than three-quarters of viewers over the age of 50 and almost half of viewers over the age of 65. In live broadcasts, the image is not much different: especially a lot Older viewers.

Wilfred Genee scores a slightly younger audience with his Tour du Jour: 'only' 60% of viewers are over 50 years old. For Wilfred and his team this is a consolation because the total number of viewers to the RTL program is against. Tour du Jour achieves over 200,000 viewers on average over 900,000 for the Evening Tape.

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