Toilet rolls alleviate job for Flying Doctors

World August 12, 2016 10:36

sydney - In the bush of the Australian hinterlands sometimes you have to improvise. So take the Flying Doctors, doctors moving by air from patient to patient, not always required torches along the runways which they gather. About ten times a year the unlit runway.

If there is something that everyone in the house, it's toilet paper. So they came up in the Australian outback a way to relieve the corresponding runway. Twenty loo roll soaked in diesel and at regular intervals put along the track.,, They burn pretty good, about half an hour, '' said pilot Geoff Cobden against the Australian edition of The Guardian. By burning toilet roll is landing still permitted.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service covers an area of ​​760 000 square kilometers of remote and isolated regions. On every flight is a doctor and a nurse. Cobden:,, We save people in the jungle. You only have to go to the village cemetery to see what life was like before we were there. ''
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