Toddler sticks into Babybel

Toddler sticks into Babybel

World September 18, 2017 08:18

vilvoorde - A toddler is stitched after eating a baby bell cheese. It was stuck in his throat, causing the boy to sting.

The babysit has tried to save the 2.5-year-old boy from the Belgian Vilvoorde.

The victims of the victim just left the door to eat when they were alarmed by the babysitter. 'Our babysit had first aid and did what he could,' the mother says to the newspaper.

'His heart knocked again when he was taken to the hospital. 'Despite the quick reaction of the baby seat, the boy's brain had been sitting for too long without oxygen.

'He was as good as brain death, responded to nothing more. Last week it was decided to shut the breathing machine. He could no longer lead human existence. My son died in my arms, 'she says in Het Nieuwsblad.

The toddler is cremated on Saturday. The family has given organs from their sons. The liver went to a baby born with a liver aberration. The kidneys to a girl of eight.

The family does not blame Babybel for anything. 'But it's not the first time a child sticks into such a cheese. '

A lung doctor warns in Het Nieuwsblad that your children should never let them walk if they eat such a thing. Also, make sure they chew properly.

Frederic Dufour, CEO of Bel, says that his company will put a warning on the packaging in the short term.

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