Toddler snake bite death

Toddler snake bite death

World November 10, 2015 14:30

mostardas - The one- year-old Brazilian toddler Lorenzo has to bite a (potentially) poisonous snake bite rescued by the snake died. The snake was his home invaded the Brazilian municipality Mostardas where they have never seen before snakes.

Jaime Ferreira, Lorenzo 's mother, said she went to check on her son because he was unusually quiet. When she opened his door, she saw the absurd image of her son with a hose clamped between his teeth, his face and hands stained with blood.

Ferreira tells opposite G1 Lorenzo the snake as his toys and regarded his father became involved coming to pry away the dead reptile in his teeth. Doctors examined the toddler and fortunately found no signs that he would be bitten by the snake. They identified the snake as a poisonous viper, but experts think that it was probably a non-toxic water hose.

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