Tiny mom (1.54m) of four wanted one more child, and got triple

World November 13, 2017 11:45

barrhead - An emotional delivery in Scotland has stirred tears and doctors and medical staff. Mary McCandlish (34) is already a mother of three children, and still wanted a last child. She got a one-piece triple, for which she had to give birth ten weeks early.

McCandlish was not born with her 1. 54 meter to get a triple. Actually, the mother of Peter (16), Emily (15), Katrina (13), and James (six) also did not hope. 'I wanted one more baby, but the birth was the most beautiful moment of my life. '

Not only for her it was a highlight. Many doctors also suffered a tear when she confessed. 'We are very pleased that Mary could wear the triple for 30 weeks. That's actually a miracle because she's so small, 'says a medical specialist against the Daily Record.

Mother Mary looks back on her childbirth with gratitude. 'It was packed with doctors. Whenever they picked up a baby, I felt lighter. They all started crying right away. I knew: they are safe. '

The babies are still in a special department because they are very weak. Yet they have already been transferred to a department with less 'speed'. The doctors have declared their condition stable.

When Thai, Tyler and Tomas can go home is still unknown. 'I just want them to leave the hospital well,' Mother tells Mary. 'My biggest wish is to have them all home at Christmas, even though that might be too optimistic. They will all three in their time. After that, I will do everything possible to educate them as healthy boys. '

The fact that they get a one-piece triple without artificial insemination is special. According to hospital staff, the chance is 1: 160. 000.

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