'Tintin was a girl'

'Tintin was a girl'

World September 22, 2017 18:21

amsterdam - A special new theory about Tintin in French, that the comic figure was actually a girl 'and probably asexual', has caused a small meltdown on social media.

Vincent Cespedes, a French philosopher, claimed this shortly after reading the books with his children. On Facebook, he wrote a 731 remark, explaining why he was convinced that the cartoon figure was not a boy and also had no sexual feelings.

The 44-year-old Cespedes artist and pianist wrote, among other things, 'Tintin has always been a little girl. A redhead with blue eyes and very likely asexual. Her eyes do not show eye shadow signs, she does not have breasts and wears men's clothes. '

According to him, this is a unique discovery. Even the biggest fans, from philosopher Jean-Luc Marion to Steven Spielberg, have not seen this yet. His message was widely shared on social media.\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Photo: AFP

But many fans of Tintin do not believe in it. 'And I'm the Queen of England', joked on Facebook. 'The idea that Tintin is a woman is surprised me, but I can not care anymore,' writes another. Others just claim that the cartoon figure was 'a gay young man.'

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