Tinder is contending with controversial tigerselfies

Tinder is contending with controversial tigerselfies

World August 4, 2017 14:24

amsterdam - Dating app Tinder asks users to stop taking and placing selfies with tigers. The selfies are made with tigers living in captivity to entertain tourists who make a selfie to use them as an attractive and adventurous profile picture on Tinder.

Animal rights activists have been alarmed because there are still fewer tigers in the wild, currently estimated to be 3200. There are fewer pieces in zoos, amusement parks and back gardens; There are probably about five thousand tigers living there. In order to reduce that number, Tinder now calls for help from her users. They regularly post pictures with tigers on the app.

'The tigerselfie must disappear', let Tinder know. 'More often than not, these pictures abuse a beautiful animal that has been hauled out of its natural habitat. Wild animals deserve to live in the wild. We ask you, as a member of our community, to get your tiger photos offline. 'Tinder promises to transfer $ 10,000 to Project Cat in the context of the Interactive Day of the Tiger.

Pascal de Smit, Director of World Animal Protection Netherlands, calls the action of Tinder a good deal. 'We are beginning to see a real shift in public opinion as more attention is paid to the suffering of wild animals in the tourism industry. The animals are taken away from their mother at a young age and forced to tolerate cruel training to make it 'safe' for tourists to interact with the animal. During a vacation tourists must remember that their 'beautiful' holiday scene means life-long suffering for the animal. '

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