Timmermans : This is not yielding

Timmermans : This is not yielding

World November 29, 2015 23:15

brussels - The EU and Turkey have a pact on the joint approach to the migration crisis. The chief negotiator on the European side, Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission. In interview with Reuters news agency and television Nieuwsuur.

Why Europe 's 3 billion transfer to Turkey ?

" We are not 3 billion transfer to Turkey, but for 3 billion euros to finance projects that result Syrian refugees have access to medical care, to be housed in a humane way that Syrian children can go to school. That is a wise investment. Because it means that a number of factors that lead to it that people are almost forced to go to the EU, are removed.

Are you confident that Turkey abides by the agreements?

" I have no reason to doubt the Turkish commitment to truly deliver. I have quite intensive negotiations last month, and I am more and more convinced that they understand that they must work with us to get this problem under control. Both partners realize that they need each other. "

The EU 's accession negotiations resume. When Turkey is an EU member ?

" This will be a very lengthy process with an uncertain outcome. Guarantees are not to offer it. It may be that it is a member in the long term, but it may also be that it does not come from. That depends on how those negotiations will go. "

There is also much criticism of Turkey and the EU did not want to talk for a long time with the Turks include the human rights situation.

" You do not improve human rights by standing with your back to Turkey. I think this is an opportunity. If we chapters could be opened, you can really start a dialogue about how to ensure that the law is improved, the judiciary is independent. These are all improvements that Turkey needs, whether it leads to membership or not. Without those calls, the situation would not improve. "

Turkey gets money, visa-free travel and resumption of accession talks. Is this a capitulation to Turkey?

" I never make a success of this without any real will on the Turkish side. I see no genuflection. I see two partners who look each other straight in the eye and say to each other ok, we not only can, but only together. "

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