Three years in prison after 'translation error'

World December 26, 2017 12:06

hurgahada - A 33-year-old English who had to appear in Egypt for drug trafficking, was sentenced to three years in prison due to a 'translation error'. She also has to pay a fine of almost 5,000 euros.

Laura Plummer accidentally said 'yes' to the question whether she had smuggled the painkillers into the country to sell, while her defense was built around a denial of that question.

The shop assistant had unsuspectingly taken 290 tablets of Tramadol for her Egyptian husband, who was tormented by back pain.

She was arrested at the airport as a 'drug smuggler'. Tramadol is illegal in Egypt. It was said to Laura's family that she risked the death penalty.

Her counselor Mohamed Osman thought Plummer free because she had paid twice as much for her ticket as the pills would ever deliver on the black market. That would show that she is not a smuggler.

He counted, however, outside of Laura who, in court, because she did not understand the interpreter well, confessed that she wanted to illegally bring the pills into the country. As soon as she realized that she had admitted the trade, Laura rushed from Hull to court.

The mother of Laura has already told English media that her daughter was very open which pills she would take to Egypt. The woman is described as 'naïve' by her own family.

Plummer therefore first thought that a joke was being made with her when the customs arrested her.

Laura told The Sun before that she is going through a hell in the cell. She lives with 25 women in a room without beds.

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