Three UN blue helmets have been killed in Mali

World November 24, 2017 11:48

bamako - Certainly three blue helmets and a Malian soldier were killed on Friday by fighting in the northeast of Mali. Blue helmets and Malian soldiers have also been seriously injured. That reported the United Nations mission in Mali according to local media.

It is still unclear what kind of combatants the Blue Helmets and Malian soldiers have attacked in the remote region along the border with Niger.

In Mali, Dutch soldiers have been stationed since 2014. There are still about 250 Dutch blue helmets stationed and their headquarters are in Gao. The battles where the dead and wounded fell Friday were in the Ménaka area, about 250 kilometers and east of Gao.

The nationality of the victims among the peacekeepers has not yet been communicated. In any case, it is not about Dutch people, reports the Ministry of Defense.

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