Three questions Koenders about migratietop

Three questions Koenders about migratietop

World November 12, 2015 20:15

valletta - The EU Thursday rigged an Africa Fund to stop the influx of migrants from the continent and prevent. The leaders of European and African countries came to an action plan agreed to arrange the return of migrants with no right to asylum, but also to offer perspective to Africans. A brief interview with Foreign Minister and former UN envoy to Mali, Bert Koenders.

Why this emergency fund and the action plan will make a difference?

" With money alone can not solve the problem of migration. But it can act as a lever to create jobs. In addition, there have been a lot of business meetings : border security, tackling smugglers and assistance for countries to manage their migration. The last time there actually has been a lack of attention to the causes of migration from traditional development cooperation. But you see that it is important that the problems we now face it must be resolved internationally. "

Migratietop how this has changed the relationship between the EU and Africa ?

" Europe Whether it likes it or not, we are now asking. For some, it is difficult, but you can not come up with a list of them: as it should. Africa, despite that it is still the poorest continent and big problems has grown and become more self-confident. Moreover, Europe is not the only one that matters. Negotiations are somewhat more equal. Moreover, it turned this time not only about money, but also the African leaders took that did not forward. That was really striking. It also turned on return and reception of more border security and the question of who will train people. "

Why does this work ?

" I do not know if it will work, but I want it to go to work. The first step is put and when it is implemented, is of course wonderful. This is not for show. "

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