'Three amigos' meeting in Ottawa

'Three amigos' meeting in Ottawa

World June 29, 2016 11:06

ottawa - In the Canadian capital Ottawa on Wednesday began a summit in Canada, Mexico and the US, which is also called the top of the 'Three Amigos'. The 'three friends' his host Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, US President Barack Obama and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Trudeau announced shortly before the summit that Mexican visitors visa from December 1 need more for Canada. The visa requirement was introduced by a Conservative government in 2009, to the chagrin of Mexico.

The combination of English and Spanish in the name of the summit recalls that many North Americans speak Spanish. Of the estimated 470 million people in the three countries, there are over 160 million Spanish speakers, of whom an estimated 45 million people in the US The 'amigos' have plenty to talk, including the referendum on the brexit. Which may have consequences far beyond Europe.
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Canadian media reported that the voice for a brexit has troubled the North American leaders. The suspicion among voters across the free movement of people and goods is not limited to the UK or the EU, but experience in the US heyday under the leadership of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. That means, for example the free trade agreement for North America (NAFTA) opening up and a drop wall along the border with Mexico.

Tuesday still reiterated Trump,, that he wants to save American jobs and protect '. The NAFTA trade treaty he called a,, jobs killer '.

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