This woman sent date 65,000 messages

This woman sent date 65,000 messages

World May 11, 2018 20:39

phoenix - A 31-year-old American woman was arrested after she had sent her date 65,000 messages. The woman had only seen him once, but she became completely obsessed with the man she had met through a dating site.

It was love at first sight for Jacqueline Ades, who describes herself on social media as a make-up artist. Whether her date was too impressed is unknown. But after receiving about 500 messages a day he started to fear for his life at one point.

The brunette threatened the man from the US state of Arizona in her messages with death. 'Do not dare to leave me... then I'll kill you. I do not want to be a killer, 'he said in one of the messages. Another text message: 'Oh, what shall I do with your blood? I want to lie in it. '

But it did not end with the frightening messages. She was seen at his home in April, after which the man hung cameras. One day he saw the stalkster on statues in his home. The police arrived and found Ades in his bath. A large knife was found on the passenger seat of her car, American media write.

Ades was arrested and charged with trespassing, but released again. This week she was seen at work, where she indicated to be his wife. The woman was arrested again. She told the police that she did not want to hurt him, but rather loved her soulmate. She was only afraid that he would leave her.

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