This way you avoid sloshing armpits

This way you avoid sloshing armpits

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Amsterdam It is blood outside, and then it is useful to get tips from a dermatologist to prevent sloshing armpits.

Linda Temmerman, head of dermatology at AZ Maria Middelares in Ghent, says that 'armpit ponds' as the Belgians call it, are easy to prevent.

1. Wash once a day

If you perspire lightly during the day you can wash yourself the best once a day, maximum twice a day. Use a degreasing soap for the armpits. That will dry out the skin more than a mild soap. Soft soap contains little fillers and detergents and is less strong and recommended in the summer when people want to wash themselves more by the heat. You were not more than twice a day, because then the skin dries out. If you choose one wash, read it in the morning. So you leave fresh to work.

2. Shave your armpit cavities

Shaving helps to sweat less. Axillary hairs, after all, stimulate bacteria to attach themselves and as a result unpleasant smells arise. Pay attention if you shave and you get small wounds: deodorant often contains a little bit of alcohol. That will light up!

3. This is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant

People who sweat lightly can use a deodorant. But do you realize that these products only 'deodorize'. They are perfumes that temporarily mask the sweat smell. A deodorant is totally different from an antiperspirant and anyone who perspires violently will probably not benefit much. Then there is a chance that the perfume will mix with the smell of sweat with more unsavory odors as a result.

An antiperspirant bavet aluminum chloride, a substance that stops perspiration. In these products there is often a small amount of alcohol that will disinfect the armpit cavities and prevent bacteria from going their way. The more you sweat, the more interesting to choose for a product with high concentration (15 to 20 percent) of aluminum chloride.

4. Apply antiperspirant in the evening

In the evening, the ideal time for antiperspirant. Wash your armpits with soap, dry them well and apply the product after fifteen minutes. Antiperspirant takes six hours to get into the skin and work optimally. If you apply the product in the morning and immediately begin to move, the effect will be lost. Also important: apply it three times a week and then reduce to one or two times a week as maintenance. Too much antiperspirant dries out your skin and leads to eczema.

5. Wear appropriate clothing

Perhaps a very open door, but: choose cotton clothes, then the skin cools down faster and the sweat evaporates in the air. Synthetic stuff ensures that the sweat stays on the skin. Sweat does not smell in principle, but because it stays on the skin, bacteria get free rein and it stinks. White cotton lingerie is the best choice, because you can cook these garments. Against the night sweat you can put on the best cotton and lie on sheets of the same stuff.

6. These are the hidden culprits

The extent to which you sweat is partially determined by heredity. But your daily habits also play a role. Who drinks a lot of coffee, sweats more by the caffeine. You can also quickly sweat as an otter from heavily spiced food. And heavier people have more sweat production, more fat and are less agile. So more evaporation is needed. But due to overweight these people have more skin folds and more friction when they move. This causes the glands to be stimulated. The sweat stays with them more often in the folds, which can start stinking. Certain antidepressants also lead to more sweat more often.

7. Do injections help?

A clean Botulinum toxin in the armpit cavity blocks perspiration. That does not hurt, because a person has about four million sweat glands. The sweat does appear elsewhere (...). Specialists are looking for the place where the largest sweat glands are. Then they treat the skin with small injections. You are free from sweat for about 3 to 6 months. This treatment is expensive.

8. What helps even more?

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