This is the enormous display that Samsung made for gamers

This is the enormous display that Samsung made for gamers

World June 9, 2017 20:30

- Developers of games are getting more and more in order to make players 'in' the game. To completely let them go into the world of the game. Now Samsung comes with a huge display screen, according to experts, the biggest one available for sale, you can further suck the game.

Worldwide, Friday is widely written about and responded to the widescreen that Samsung puts on the market. The monitor, named CHG90, describes Samsung as 'super ultra wide', or super ultra wide.

Width: 49 inches, ie: 1 meter and 24.5 centimeters. The ratio is 32: 9, twice as wide as screens called 'ultra wide' today.

The curved shape of the screen, called 'curved', should provide a better and more beautiful viewing experience. Nothing like in the movie.

American media like Business Insider seem very impressed. 'Do you have to see how disturbed that thing is,' writes the news site on photos of the monitor.

Whether the huge screen will be a success must prove. Social media seems to have already divided the opinions. 'I once worked with two screens and got a cup of it,' writes someone. Another is wondering: 'Is your field of view so big? Or do you have to sit back? 'Yet there is also a lot of enthusiasm:' My dream comes true, 'writes a fervent gamer. And: 'Here I can show a huge Excel file,' jokes someone.

The Samsung CHG90 is not yet available in the store, but via Amazon for $ 1499.

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