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World December 19, 2016 13:03

murcia - The storm on Spain's east coast has claimed a third victim. The forty-year man died in Los Alcázares in Murcia, one of the hardest hit areas Monday.

The Spaniard fell into a pool that overflowed. He is carried away by the current and drowned. The center of Los Alcázares is closed, like many other village centers in the region. The water is in some respects more than one meter high.

Murcia, which is normally plagued by drought, the rain fell the last twelve hours pouring from the sky. In three-quarters of the region was 150 liters per square meter; even more than two hundred in some places. It is more than in the entire rest of the year has fallen. As the storm still continues today, the Spanish weather service AEMET 'code red' proclaimed the east coast of Spain between 14 and 18 hours.

Near Orihuela in Alicante is the Segura River overflowed its banks Monday, something not happened since 1987. The authorities fear that other rivers bursting their banks. Roads were closed and hundreds of municipalities have closed the doors of their schools and universities.

Los Alcázares in Murcia are now people from their homes saved by the UME: a military unit. The same happens in Ontinyent in the province of Valencia and Orihuela and Torrevieja in Alicante. In total this weekend had already saved 350 people from their homes or cars by Spanish emergency services. Others are still awaiting rescue. At various places are temporary classrooms designed to accommodate residents. Others seek shelter with relatives or friends. Residents of the affected regions tell how bring their belongings to safety before they leave. A resident of Orihuela: 'Tables, chairs, washing machine and refrigerator, we brought up floors to avoid damage. We hope to be back soon. '

When the emergency number 112 came to now nearly 2400 messages inside because of the heavy rainfall on the east coast. There is a lot of damage to buildings, homes and cars. The Balearic Islands also heavy weather: here mainly blowing very hard. Waves up to five meters high ensure that beaches in Ibiza are totally gone.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

On Friday there were already two victims: a 65-year-old man in Finestrat who tries to pick his car that threatened to wash away, itself disappeared in the sea. Another man of thirty years, was seized around midnight by the current while he was driving in his car. He could come out of his car, but then disappeared into a drain.

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